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Thu, 03 Mar



Innovation from the drawing board to  patients II.

Artificial Intelligence. Interoperability. Basic concepts of eHealth.

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Innovation from the drawing board to  patients II.
Innovation from the drawing board to  patients II.

Termín & Místo

03 Mar 2022, 10:00 – 11:00



Hospital 2030. “A questionnaire awaits you at the reception, which you will hand over to the nurse after completing it, who will determine the entrance examination according to the hospital's guidelines. For example, they will measure your pressure and take a blood sample. The attending physician will examine the first results and determine which department he will send you to according to the protocol. There you will be subjected to a much more thorough examination, perhaps an X-ray or brain scan. It is the turn of specialists, they will sort the results and, according to an old, well-known statistical database, they will prescribe medicines and determine the next steps. The algorithm ensures that your destiny depends on the system, not on the wrong people. “(Homo deus, Harari, 2017). Artificial intelligence brings access to a large amount of organized information, from which it is possible to draw hitherto unexpected knowledge and move medicine forward.

Guests: Sara Polak (Artificial Intelligence Archaeologist. Independent Content Creator. Builds decentralized cloud communities.)  Tomáš Šebek (Surgeon at Na Františku Hospital. Participant in Médecins Sans Frontières missions.)


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