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Let's look at the Czech healthcare system with new eyes

The CzechMed Association, the Czech Association of Medical Device Suppliers, has elected a new board. While we have a new government, the CzechMed presidency remains almost unchanged. However times are changing and Covid has placed healthcare at the center of public interest. Let's use these moments to make an overall reassessment of the care provided so far. Let us ask ourselves fundamental questions and look for new answers. Ing. Jiří Pavlíček (Aspironix s.r.o.). Monika Hradecká (Essity Czech Republic s.r.o.) and Michala Malát (Johnson & Johnson, s.r.o.) were elected Vice-Chair. Other members of the board are Jan Civín (HARTMANN - RICO a.s.), Tomáš Kolář (L I N E T spol. S r.o.), Petr Kutscherauer (Alcon s.r.o.) and Michal Maštalíř (ConvaTec Czech Republic s.r.o.).

"The CzechMed Association is strengthening its position in professional debates about the future and direction of the Czech healthcare system. As representatives of the innovative industry, we feel obliged to be interested in the long-term development of the industry. We ask ourselves basic questions about the value of care provided. We follow the irreversible trend of Healthy Aging in our country and in Europe and bring ideas to ensure the quality and sustainability of the system. The basic management lesson is: What you can't measure, you can't even control. Therefore, our efforts are aimed at measuring the quality of care provided. For every company doing business in the field of medical devices, CzechMed is naturally the first partner for its growth and protection. My priority is to strengthen the role of CzechMed in professional debates that focus on the future development of healthcare. Let's take the opportunity and pass on a functioning and quality health care system to future generations, "appeals Ing. Jiří Pavlíček, Chairman of the CzechMed Association.

At present, the association unites 22 member organizations and institutions employing more than 5,000 workers with a turnover of around 6.5 billion crowns, which represents approximately one third of the medical device market in the Czech Republic. Through the European association MedTech Europe, it has the opportunity to share know-how and co-create the environment throughout the European Union.

"We have been actively involved in cultivating the business environment in healthcare for 23 years. The world after Covid - 19 will no longer be the same as before. We are moving in a dynamic time that directly encourages us to think about providing modern healthcare. What are the expectations of the participants in the system and what pitfalls will we have to overcome? Let's discuss together the issues of optimizing the patient's path through the system or the use of telemedicine, AI and other innovative solutions. Let's look for new opportunities for sustainability and quality of care, "emphasizes MUDr. Miroslav Palát, MBA, President of the CzechMed Association.

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