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UNMZ: Guide to the regulation of personal protective equipment and medical devices

CzechMed draws attention to an important publication

"Personal protective equipment brings several interesting paradoxes today," says Miroslav Palát, president of the CzeczMed association. "Perhaps never before have so many millions of people globally relied on such a narrow group of products to protect their health as they do today. The present publication follows their dissemination with much-needed awareness of how they are manufactured, approved and used to meet main goal - to protect the health of individuals and society in the face of today's unprecedented challenge, the Covid-19 pandemic. "

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Česká asociace zdravotnických prostředků



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Monika Hradecká
(Essity Czech Republic, s. r. o.)

"Our company is a founding member of CzechMed and we consider it completely natural that we are still a member who not only benefits, but also actively participates in the running of the association. It is active members who bring membership the higher added value. We have access to the highest levels of government, where doors are often forbidden. But what is essential for our company with a global impact is that, thanks to the association, we are involved in shaping the legislative, payroll and ethical environment, which brings transparency, predictability and sustainability to our business on the Czech market. "


CzechMed's priority is to contribute to the cultivation of the medical devices market on the Czech market. It develops targeted activities mainly in these areas - legislation, economics, innovation, ethics, security  and quality. The work is implemented in the form of working groups and targeted projects. 


The medical device industry is one of the most innovative sectors. It registers 1,700 patents a year. Medical devices are an indispensable part of the treatment processes.  They pose

5 percent of total healthcare spending.



The CzechMed Association provides its members with services in the field of orientation on the medical devices market (regulation, reimbursement). He actively cooperates with CzechMed working groups, which strive to cultivate the field of healthcare in various topics. He participates  in comment procedures.


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CzechMed, the Czech Association of Medical Device Suppliers, is an interest association that has been operating on the Czech scene since 1998. The association is a modern and dynamically developing organization. CzechMed focuses on activities, which reflect the needs of its members and offer concrete solutions to current issues . Membership in the association brings the opportunity of mutual exchange of experience and know-how in full respect to competition rules. CzechMed is a professional platform for companies that want to actively participate in the development  and cultivation of the environment of the Czech healthcare system in general and especially the business environment.  CzechMed is your partner for professional dialogue within the framework of national and international cooperation. 



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